I am a 20+yr NYC pro photographer, specializing in headshots, portraits and live event photography.

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My Name is Victoria Medina...
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I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years based in New York CIty, specializing in headshots and portraits, live performances and red-carpet live event photography.

My subjects cover a wide spectrum, from entrepreneurs, influencers and corporate business folk, to performers of all types, including Broadway performers and celebrities.

I have shot a variety of red-carpet and entertainment industry events as well as live performances, both on stage and in the recording studio.

"Your photos are beautiful. You just capture moments with such beauty."
"Having your headshot taken can be a really scary thing,.. I had no reason to be nervous at all. Working with Victoria was comfortable, it was easy and we got some great shots."
"Victoria Medina is an amazing photographer."

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